British Ceramics Biennial on September 28—November 10 will showcase our film “Four Elements In A Man’s Hands”

The film Four Elements In A Man’s Hands introduces viewers with culture history in the field of ceramics in Latvia – black smoked pottery is an old pottery burning technique which is known in Latvia since 9th century and renewed in praxis  in the beginning of the 20th century.

The Four Elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire represent fundamental powers in man’s life. Four Elements In A Man’s Hands step by step explores how ancient potters (mainly women) developped pottery as an integral part of fireplace keeping.

Initiative for creation of this film came from the head of Cermic Studio «Cepli» Ingrīda Žagata. Ms. Žagata – a renown specialist in Latvian Ceramic Scene – eagerly shares her holistic philosophy thrrough down to earth stories.

In the course of the film we get to know the oldest ceramic tools. We learn how to create glaze from sand. We hear stories how a potter should watch the wind and the Moon phases when burning a kiln with wood. We investigate which wood is best for the kiln and what a role Fire Spirits play.

This black smoke burning technique is still being practised in Latvia by around dozen ceramics. The knowledge of the passing away ceramic masters is being kept by few practicioners and can be forwarded from teacher to disciple only.

In the current professional art education system in Latvia there is littre room left for ancient ceramic technics as the modern ceramic artists prefer contemporary technologies.

This film is a strong call for everybody to remember the roots, to preseve the traditions and thus recognise and honor the life source.

Everyone is welcome to take part in opening of the Black Kiln
at 2 P.M. on Saturday, August 17!


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